Pond Life

Glowing white water lily with pink on a black background


I was excited to visit the beaver pond after a few weeks of being away. It was hot and dry on this August morning so the water was seriously low. No beavers in sight, but a pretty scene all the same with white and pink water lilies dotting the big lily pads. They seemed to glow in the morning light.

white and pink water lilies on pond with lily pads

When I first arrived, I saw a Great Egret through the trees.

As I quietly approached the area, I watched it fly off with TWO Great Blue Herons up into the nearby tree canopy!

(Great Egrets are really sensitive to movement whereas Snowys and Great Blue Herons don’t seem to mind much.)


I heard a bird and spun around to catch a Belted Kingfisher flying by. 

It was the first one I have ever seen and quite fast. Luckily it landed for a second so I could snap a photo.

Belted Kingfisher on tree


A pair of crows in a tree far off caught my attention as I heard a heron’s honk in the distance.

Just then, one of the Great Blue Herons touched down atop the tree with the crows.

Two crows atop a tree with. GREt Blue Heron landing on a nearby branch.

They seemed to get along, the crows and heron, and spent some time together up there above it all.

Two crows atop a tree with a Great Blue Heron landing on a nearby branch.

Great Blue Heron sitting on a top tree branch with two crows on a branch below.


As I turned to leave, I saw hundreds of Tree Swallows sitting on the powerlines across the street.

Hundreds of tree swallows on power lines

Several were in the brush and I caught these females bouncing on branches.

Three swallows on a tree.


Once a car approached, they all flew off.

Tree swallows fly off power lines into the clouds


Further down the road is Lily Pond, a magical place that makes me think of Monet. 

Lily Pond in full season with blue skies reflecting off the water.

The light is always changing there and creates beautiful colors amongst the lily pads. 

I was tempted and created my own “digital” Monets here. What do you think?!

Pretty pink water lily on blue pond with lily pads.Monet-style blue pond with water lilies

I hope you enjoyed that quick visit to the pond.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Laurinda Butcher

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